Compression Socks

irecupe® socks can help prevent swelling in your feet,

ankles and lower legs as well as provide relief from tiredness whilst you are recovering. Our superior yarn mix includes a natural fiber made from plant-derived protein creating an enhanced graduated compression sock, with innovative features, and design.

irecupe®️ socks offer a unique experience, with a luxury feel, easy to put on and comfortable to wear for long periods, providing a cushioned feel on the sole of the foot in every step. The fabric also has antimicrobial properties, as well as moisture control, which help your feet and lower legs feel fresh and rested.


Our plant derived fiber (Tencel) has several unique advantages over other yarns in view of its inherent properties as well as its manufacturing process. Tencel has the ability to absorb excess fluid (perspiration) – certainly at a much higher rate than cotton – and then thought to quickly release it into the atmosphere.

Therefore, it supports the human skin’s natural ability to regulate temperature and maintain water balance. At the same time, Tencel’s ability to control moisture prevents it from attracting bacteria. Tencel fibers are extremely gentle, soft and pleasant on the skin and do not cause skin irritation making it ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, Tencel is hypoallergenic, durable and anti-static. Other properties include: natural humectant factor, skin nourishing, silky smooth feel, sanitizing, antibacterial, hygroscopic as it absorbs moisture, glossy and luxurious in appearance, feel and comfort level.

Size chart and labelling

Knitted on the inside of the top band or cuff of each sock, is the following information:

  • Size of the sock
  • Right or left foot
  • Compression factor in millimetres of mercury (mm Hg)

Measurements are used as a guide for approximate size. Exact compression cannot be given due to varying ankle/calf circumference and leg length.

Wash & Care Instructions

Compression products benefit from regular washing as the elasticity is restored during the wash process. In order to maintain the compression factor and prolong the lifespan of this sock, it is advised that the product is washed with due care and attention as below:

We would recommend that this product is hand washed in cold water using a gentle soap, although you can machine wash, using no higher than a 30° gentle wash cycle and mild detergent.

Furthermore, we recommend that you avoid the use of harsh fabric conditioners as they may damage and wear down the fibers shortening the lifespan of this product.

Please do not bleach, iron or dry-clean.

This product is suitable for a low heat tumble dryer; however, we recommend that you air dry where possible, refraining from drying in the sun or on a radiator.

To maximise the lifespan of this product, please use a wash bag, and always turn this product inside out prior to washing. Ideally compression socks should be replaced after three months of regular use & six months of occasional use to maintain the correct level of compression.

Wear Instructions

Our socks are easier to put on compared to other compression socks with a similar degree of compression as no special devices or gloves are required. Even though, our socks, are graduated in their fit, you are still able to ease your foot through the leg. In order to avoid over constriction at the knee, our sock should be worn below the level of the knee. If slightly long, gently smooth downwards below the knee and adjust to your lower leg length, trying to avoid any folds or creases along its entire length. Use the palm of your hands to smooth out any wrinkles.

Compression hosiery is not recommended in the following circumstances:

Contraindications: Individuals suffering from: Cellulitis, septic phlebitis, phlegmasia coerulea dolens, suspected or proven peripheral arterial occlusive disease, cardiac failure (decompensated heart diseases), diabetics with peripheral arterial disease or peripheral neuropathy, peripheral arterial bypass grafting, gangrene, peripheral neuropathy or other causes of sensory impairment.

Relative Contraindications:

Mild phlebitis, rheumatoid arthritis, any local conditions in which stockings may cause damage, for example fragile ‘tissue paper’ skin, dermatitis or other concomitant dermatoses, recent skin graft, and allergy to natural-derived plant fibers or any of the other materials used in the manufacture (as listed in the composition of this product).


The information contained in the above paragraphs with regards to contraindications is only a guide and not intended as clinical advice. If you are unsure or worried about the suitability of wearing products with compression please seek physician’s advice. Irecupe LLC does not assume liability as a result of any inappropriate or contraindicated use of this product.

Special Note:

If you notice skin irritation or pain during the wear of this product please remove the product immediately, and if the symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.