About Us

It all started when

Our founder as a hospital surgeon, wondered how best to support the recovery of his patients, and provide them with the best products before, and after their scheduled surgical procedure and hospital visit. After all, surgery is considered to be trauma by appointment!

Whilst researching and analyzing various concepts and solutions, he noticed that there were several key products that could make a significant difference to an individual’s journey throughout their recovery period.

One of the items that most individuals would likely benefit from is the use of quality compression socks. Historically, these socks have had a bad reputation as they are commonly made of synthetic nylon material and can be itchy and uncomfortable to wear. That’s only if you can actually get them on.

At irecupe, we created, tested and perfected many socks with different yarns, finally preferring our own unique blend of plant-derived fiber mix. irecupe’s intelligent plant-derived sustainable fiber coupled with cutting edge technology that is capable of delivering graduated compression in order to boost circulation and reduce lower leg and ankle swelling. Additionally, our compression socks remain soft and comfortable to wear all day long, working in harmony with the body.

What began as a quest to make a difference to your impression of compression; doesn’t end there. We then expanded the ‘Discovery of Recovery’ range of products to include our scar prevention and recovery cream, made with a unique formula based on scientifically and clinically proven ingredients such as anti-oxidants derived from plants which have been shown to prevent redness and the prominent appearance of skin scarring when applied before, and after surgery to the site of the injury.

This product contains a unique formula that has been created and developed by our founder for the prevention and reduction of skin scarring which aims to act immediately resulting in decreased redness and improved scar quality and appearance.

Our aim at irecupe is to wrap you in tender loving care by sharing our knowledge of and offering you premium quality (best in class) recovery products in order to provide you with the best chance of an optimal recovery.

We do hope you enjoy irecupe’s launch products, which taken together, in our view, offer you the best recovery enhancement available on the market. Soon, there will be other products that we have identified as essential to your recovery to follow.

Please get in touch with your thoughts after using our products, we would love to hear from you.

Best wishes

The irecupe® team